The reason of practicing classical yoga in our centers is that it has a spiritual aspect, the West considers Yoga as a physical engagement comprised of only cultural-physical movements and Yoga stays outside.

However; its essence is kept inside. As far as we see, this fact is slightly known.

Yoga carries a mystical meaning in Far East, gradually entering into the daily lives, almost to the world with the help of Yogis’ sharing this with their selected students who give importance to ethical values.

In fact this ancient discipline, classical Yoga, is one of the rare physical, mental, spiritual and integral disciplines. It is a method of revealing one’s own potential.

It is a special discipline by which the individual cares for his/her health condition, tranquility and happiness as well as combining his body, mentality, breathing and consciousness.

In other words, Yoga is a practice of accessing to the true nature of the person by clearing the body and mentality.

Classical Yoga is not a political movement or religious concept or a belief. It respects to every culture, belief, nation, humanity and nature in short. Because non-violence (ahimsa) and the love are among its most important values.

So, it supports sympathy, cooperation and peace, which are the highest motives of people.

If practiced in a disciplined manner, Classical Yoga will have a power of revealing the positive aspects of people and decreasing their deficiencies.

Participation in our Classical Yoga courses is from a range of each age. Experience in Yoga is not compulsory.

In this exercise, the student learns how to be aware of his/her power, limitations and ability. Integrity is important in our exercises rather than being hasty. Development process of each student is different. It is important that the person should be patient, should know his/her body and what he/she wants and develop himself/herself accordingly.

The aim of Classical Yoga is to reach a spiritual, physical and mental happiness, to establish a natural balance in dynamic power of the body, mentality and spirit, to prevent the mentality from the speedy rhythm of the life and to revive the body gradually.

Classical Yoga courses begin with the experiences, extraordinary comments and chatting of Mert Güler, continuing with meditative practices, physical exercises, relaxing and breathing techniques as an integral part.