mert-güler---HikayemI was born in Ankara, grown up in İstanbul. If you ask my homeland, I am from the world. I am a mixed child of an African father and Albanian mother.

I am the only male child in the family, brother of my sister. The colour of this cultural diversity, into which I was born, has been reflected as a privilege on my life since my childhood. I always felt myself belonging to the whole world, not to only one single region. One of the reasons leading me to search for and understand universal values was the fact that people in the world having different cultures often believe in the same truths and show the same behaviours. So integrity, universal conscious, becoming “one single” are the leading concepts to which I give high importance. I deserved my surname which means smile in Turkish, I always smiled. I preferred smiling.

My smile, which people consider to be a very special characteristic, is innate. I had a happy childhood. I hardly cried. However, there were periods which faded away my smiling too.

As a member of a sportive and educator family, I always gave importance to serving sports, human health and people. My life became an area of development in which I discovered first my own body and body awareness then mental harmony and interiority. I was always ordered, disciplined, determined and hardworking.

I have begun having some health problems since I was 10 years old. Some of them were ordinary, some of them were serious, some of them were too serious. After my health problems and a series of operations, I had to stay at home for a while and this faded away my smile. I exercised to enjoy myself during the long period of treatment and I discovered my inner speaking. It was telling me what to do and what not to do. When I discovered mental awareness of innervoice which directs people, I thought it was special only to me. After a while, I discovered that everybody had these inner speaking but did not share this with anyone. With the help of my illnesses I obtained information about almost all my organs. I had my milestones in my life. One of these was the period of 2 years during which I couldn’t walk after a series of operations when I was 16 years old. During these years, I promised myself to search for only happiness. I wouldn’t let anyone choose and approve my own happiness. I sometimes took decisions which nobody understood or approved. But, I never went out of the way going to my own happiness.

My sport life was in danger after the operations. Even the doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. I believed in my own truths, dreams and studies. I didn’t give up; I danced during 7 years, turned back to my sport life actively. I worked as a step, aerobic, dance and fitness trainer for long years.

During my active sport life, I realized that Western style exercises making only the body work were not enough. Eastern style exercises and mental techniques made both the body and the mentality work. So, I concentrated my studies upon this field. Body-mentality harmony and spirituality were always striking issues for me.

I questioned the life. I questioned myself, people, my interior world, the external world. I lived and experienced. I learnt and understood different countries, different disciplines and different people.

I understood the importance of spirituality, calmness and serenity. I noticed the change caused by looking at the events from outside, listening to myself, being aware of the spirituality and returning to myself. People need to withdraw from this complexity and think about what they are doing. So I think seclusion is very important to remember the spirituality.

I have always smiled until now. I think it was not an extraordinary thing for me, it was the deficiency of the people. So, I want all the people smile and laugh.

All my experiences and trainings developed me spiritually. I put heart in the center of my life. I wanted to share my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with other people. I shared my knowledge through Classical Yoga trainings, Meditative Life Coaching, Spiritual Awareness Workshops and various seminars on sport and health. I continued and have been continuing to touch people’s hearts.

I discovered that mental speaking could deceive people, but even though, speaking from heart led people to the truth and never deceive people. Only the heart is located in the center of my life. I want to gather with people of mental and heart who are in search for something, not using only their mental. I opened my Yoga and Avareness Centers because of this. I know there are people thinking and living through their hearts and I believe that we will continue meeting with these people in my Centers.