We are very excited…
This time a dream is comming true in India, Rishikesh…
With the intense interests of “Rumi Love Meditation” participants, this amazing class is moving to Rishikesh, Himalayas…

This place will host for our Whirling classes  following The International Yoga Festival on March 2017.
Our place is only 5 minute walk to the Mother Ganga and center of Rishikesh.
Has rooms with view of great Himalaya mountains, a huge Yoga hall and a sun terrace.
Free WiFi and free parking is available.

With Comfortable and spacious hall and cafe, Ganga’s Whirling Dervishes place will be your second home shortly…

In my steps towards my dreams, I always felt my precious followers beautiful energies with me.
Thank you heartily,

Huuuu with LOVE,
Mert Güler

At Rishikesh Retreat, daily workshops of Rumi, Love, Meditation (Whirling – Sama -Mevlevi order) and Classical Yoga classes will be placed during the Yoga week and entire March 2017.
Workshops and classes will start first day of March 2017.

For information WhatsApp Number: (+90)5305243660

Rishikesh Retreat Pictures are HERE 🙂