If you meet with this book somehow, it means your and my dreams are in the same direction. I want you and everyone in life, to be more free, more full of love, more pleasant and joyful, more compassionate, more sharer, more understanding and more smiling.

My purpose is; to create a deep awareness in physical, emotional, intellectual and internal development. To render people’s smiles hearty and to share this smiles by duplicating. And by opening the way to harmony and unity with the universe, inspiring to bring good surprises to th world. I strongly believe that, this inspiration will create more livable world.

With Love and Smile …
Mert Guler

Name: Smile With Love (Original: Askla Gulumse)
Author: Mert Guler
Editor: Handan Ozsoy
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Ganj 2015
Language: Turkish